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Client's need

The Research PMR team has completed a research project into online shopping as a continuation of annual studies into the subject, for the purposes of an industry publication. The project’s aim was an analysis of 21 popular product categories which can be purchased online, and an in-depth analysis of five of those:

  • clothing and footwear
  • electronics and household appliances
  • DIY and furniture
  • cosmetics and household chemicals
  • food products.

Our deliverables

The study was conducted using CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) on a random sample of 1000 adult residents of Poland. 600 respondents (those who purchased online a minimum of one product from the 21 categories) qualified for the main part of the study.

Value for the client

The findings include, among others, a list of most popular products purchased by Polish online shoppers. Furthermore, detailed information on shopping frequency, average level of spending, motivation and most often visited  online stores. 

The study’s results have been published in a report Online retail market in Poland created in cooperation with the Publications department of PMR. The publication also includes the following:

  • online shopping versus brick and mortar shopping
  • preferred method of payment
  • popularity of price comparison websites
  • popularity of auction platforms.
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