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Analysis of HVAC market in Russia

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Research Project - construction market

Client's need

PMR conducted a B2B project in Russia concerning the HVAC industry (heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning). The project’s main objective was to gather information on the three main branches of the Russian HVAC industry and detailed data on the best-selling types of devices, most popular brands of equipment and products, market innovation and much more.

Our deliverables

300 CATI interviews were conducted with the management of HVAC companies in Russia, 100 carried out in each of the three sectors. Thus collected data was then analysed and included in PMR’s report HVAC market in Russia.

Value for the client

Analysis carried out by the Research department supplemented the report by the Publications department with a consumer perspective. The collected data allowed us to closely scrutinize Russia’s HVAC market. Results show that Russian contractors specializing in heating installations carried out most of their work in residential housing (63%), most often in single-family homes (57%). Ventilation was most often applied in nonresidential properties (72%), most often in commercial buildings (42%). Companies which installed air-conditioning did so in existing buildings (57%). Within nonresidential buildings most of the work was done in commercial buildings (48%). Russian companies use a wide range of products of different brands, but the ones which were most highly evaluated by HVAC industry experts are Viessmann, Systemair and LG.

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