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HVAC market in Poland: research project

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Research Project - construction market

Client's need

For the purposes of the PMR's report entitled HVAC Market in Poland. Development Forecasts, PMR's research department conducted the second edition of a B2B study among companies operating in the installation branch. HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) is a sector of sanitary engineering aimed at providing thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. According to PMR experts, optimistic forecasts for this sector are a result of the stable growth in nonresidential construction, in which HVAC solutions are most often applied. An additional growth stimulus for the industry’s growth is the increasing demand for energy-saving technologies. The study’s primary objective was to determine the size and structure of the Polish HVAC market.

Our deliverables

The study was carried out using computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) among the executive staff of companies dealing with the installation of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The interviews were conducted using a stratified random sampling plan, based on a database provided by one of the leading business data providers. The sample consisted mainly of managers and lower-level employees with expert knowledge of the industry. 

Each of the three segments consisted of 100 interviews, which allowed us to collect data from 300 companies. Hence, we were able to gather the opinions of a representative sample, which helped us to analyze the totality of the HVAC market in Poland.

Value for the client

Results of the expert study allowed us to gain insight into the following issues:

  • preferences for product categories
  • brand selection criteria
  • purchasing habits of contractors and consumers
  • entrepreneurs’ tendencies to innovate
  • most popular HVAC systems installed by the companies
  • brand awareness of particular manufacturers of HVAC devices
  • price trends.

Our research allowed us to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market and included forecasts for the HVAC market’s development, as well as a detailed characteristics of the three key segments: air conditioning, ventilation and heating.

Full results of the study have been published in a report: HVAC market in Poland. Back to List of Projects - Research PMR