International Experience

Marketing concept testing – study of car garages in Poland

  • Industry

    Automotive market

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    Market research agency

Client's need

A client commissioned PMR to conduct a marketing study of the automotive market, in order to discover the specifics of independent garages in Poland and the challenges faced by the automotive industry. The client wanted to learn the owners’ perspective on engine oils, methods of storage and ordering. The aim of the study was to determine the most effective ways of communication with the garages, which would facilitate cooperation with the client.

Our deliverables

The project included both focus-group interviews (FGI) and in-depth interviews (IDI) with proprietors of independent garages. Qualitative research techniques made it possible to identify the intricacies of these businesses, and challenges they face.
The main element of the interviews was a concept test. Ideas were evaluated in terms of how they meet the target group’s needs. This allowed us to select the ideas that have the greatest success rate and which work best for independent garages.

Value for the client

The report includes an analysis of the engine oil brand against competing brands, and a list of key decision making factors when choosing a product. Results of the marketing concept tests provided the client with additional support. The report presented the study’s findings in a larger context of independent car garages in Poland. 

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