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New cold cuts packaging concept testing

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    Service and trade

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    3 weeks

Client's need

Prior to considering a change in the design of cold cuts packaging the client decided to support their decision-making process with market research. B2C research included an evaluation of the concept of packaging: layout appeal, legibility and level of memorization of messages, and an evaluation of product quality based on packaging, which allowed us to explore how potential clients view the packaging and also have an insight into their motivation.

Our deliverables

The project was based on research of new cold cuts packaging concepts in a specialized testing room in a central location in Kraków (Central Location Test). In order to increase result relevance, respondents evaluated the packaging in random order. The research was conducted on a sample of the product's target group. You can read more about Central Location Tests and product testing research at our website.

Value for the client

The client was presented with a report which contained clear recommendations and a statistical analysis of the findings. The analytical section also included the preparation of a specialized packaging attractiveness index. The research recommendations allowed our client to make an informed decision about which of the potential packaging designs they should choose, based on opinions from potential consumers. The report also included data on brand awareness of cold cuts brands, and additional comments from market analysts pertaining to shopping habits in this particular product category and to the importance of brand loyalty.

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