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Study of the market of internal wall insulations in Poland

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    Inner insulation

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    8 weeks

Client's need

PMR has vast research experience in the area of the construction market. Apart from numerous research projects concerning the most popular products and services, PMR often carries out projects focused on niche products.

PMR has been approached by a producer and distributor of products used in wall construction. Wishing to expand its share of the Polish market, the client decided on a qualitative analysis of the potential of a market niche in Poland – the demand for innovative products used for internal wall insulation. From the point of view of the client, it was also necessary to analyse the process of making a decision to insulate walls from the inside and choosing a particular solution, in terms of both individual and professional investors.

Our deliverables

In order to answer a number of varied research questions from the area of B2B and B2C, PMR used an approach combining several methodologies, so as to look at the complex issue from several points of view.

The first, qualitative stage of the project, involved focused groups with individual investors who had insulated walls from the inside. The interviews used exploration techniques, which allowed to discover in an unconventional way the motivation of the customers when choosing particular products, or the source of information about the products. In the second part of the study, which assumed a quantitative approach, PMR carried out 200 telephone questionnaire interviews (CATI) with several groups of professionals participating in the different stages of the decision process regarding the choice of the solutions and materials in the process of internal wall insulation. The interviews were carried out with architects, renovation and construction companies, and companies revaluating historic buildings.

Value for the client

The multi-aspect findings of the study were presented after each completed stage, in two language versions. Before the final version of the report, the client was provided with a topline report as soon as it was possible, presenting the key issues from the point of view of the customer.

The findings allowed the customer to better understand the potential and specific character of the Polish market of internal wall insulation, as well as the needs and expectations articulated by various target groups of the product. A summary of the findings and additional information from PMR analysts formed the basis of comparative analysis of the situation on various European markets.
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