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The canteen market in Poland

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    Cash & carry retail

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    6 weeks

Client's need

The client’s need involved a detailed examination of the canteen market in Poland, divided into eight segments. It was particularly important to the client to collect information about the number of existing canteens in each individual segment, and to discover the demand and spending on various grocery products.

Our deliverables

The solution suggested by PMR was a market survey, which comprised 800 B2B interviews carried out using the CATI technique (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews) in Poland. The respondents were the staff of canteens from eight different segments of the market. The analysis and interpretation of data allowed for preparing a market research report. It included e.g. information on the size of the canteen market in Poland, the size of the individual segments, as well as canteen expenses on food products used in meal preparation.

Value for the client

Thanks to the results of the survey the client will be able to consciously direct their promotional and marketing activity into the segments of the Polish canteen market which have been identified as the most attractive for the client. Information about each of the segments is going to help build a marketing strategy, as it takes into account the varied needs and expenses, as well as the different product categories.
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