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A survey of top IT businesses in Poland

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Research Project - IT and telecommunications

Client's need

PMR has carried out its ninth Business-to-Business market survey of the top IT companies operating on the Polish market. Based on the report of Teleinfo 500 and findings of PMR analysts specialising in the IT market, a list of 300 largest businesses on the Polish IT market was prepared. We have conducted 101 interviews with respondents in executive positions, with rich expertise of the processes observed in the IT industry.

Our deliverables

The CATI technique (computer-assisted telephone interviews) was as the best form of reaching respondents in executive posts. The interviews covered topics such as:

  • the current condition of the IT industry
  • identifying the growth barriers and drivers for the IT market
  • revenue growth of the analysed enterprises
  • IT outsourcing offers
  • prospects for the expansion of cloud computing in Poland.

Respondents also assessed the impact of the UEFA European Football Championship, organised by Poland, and other important events on the development of the Polish IT market.

Value for the client

The collected data allowed to present a list of barriers which, according to our respondents, are the greatest hindrance for the expansion of IT in Poland, as well as factors which could boost the market’s growth. The most frequently indicated barrier for the development of the Polish IT industry is the negative economic situation, resulting in the lack of IT investment capital. Despite the problems, respondents expect that the value of the market is going to increase by 7%.

The interviews have allowed us to estimate the growth rate of the sector for this and next year. We have also collected opinions on the development prospects for the individual segments of the market (hardware, software, services), and for service types (SaaS, mobile device applications, IT service outsourcing etc).

Respondents have been asked to indicate the industries where the investment in IT solutions is the highest. We have also described the shares in revenues of the IT industry generated by enterprises, public administration and individual users, as well as IT exporters.

A special part of the survey was dedicated to an in-depth analysis of IT service outsourcing and cloud computing (share of businesses offering such solutions, types of services within the model).

At the very end the respondents shared their observations on the current events influencing the condition of the sector: UEFA European Football Championship, organised by Poland, an attempt to buy out Sygnity by Asseco Poland, and their assessment of the activity of the Ministry of Administration and Digitization so far. Only one in nine respondents positively rated the activity of the Ministry of Administration and Digitization (13%).

Full findings have been a vital element of a PMR report.

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