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Name testing and price study of a new telecom offer

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    Telecom operator

  • Delivery time

    2 weeks

Research Project - IT and telecommunications

Client's need

Our client, an international telecommunications operator, had plans to enter the Polish telecoms market. For this purpose the client was searching for information that would allow taking the right decisions in terms of naming and pricing its new MVNO network. PMR’s researchers suggested collecting this data through a marketing study on a sample of potential users.

Our deliverables

PMR’s market research project comprised 400 interviews with mobile phone users in the pre-paid system, aged from 18 to 35. As the target group members were young, active internet users, the interviews were carried out online, using the CAWI technique (Computer-Assisted Web Interview). This technique allows reaching a vast number of respondents in a short period of time.

The results of the study included:

  • information on the tested name (associations with the proposed names, the degree of acceptance by potential customers, etc)
  • assessment of several tested price plans for the service
  • features of consumer behaviour related to mobile phone top-ups.

Value for the client

The findings have allowed the client to make the right decision about the name for the MVNO network being introduced onto the market, as well as offer the optimum price plan and top-up solutions.

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