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Testing concepts for marketing materials for paediatric vaccines

  • Industry

    Paediatric vaccines

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    Research Agency

  • Delivery time

    3 weeks

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

Our client was planning to introduce a new paediatric vaccine on the Polish market. Before doing so, however, our client had to ensure that the message used for the global marketing campaign fits the local market. The client asked PMR to conduct a market research study that named the key benefits of the product and to establish an effective communications strategy with the target group. The project also aimed at finding competitive advantage.

Our deliverables

Research PMRers conducted a series of in-depth interviews with paediatricians in Poland. During these interviews we tested a number of advertising concepts and messages in order to gauge the advertisements’ stopping power and potential impact on prescribing. Because we conducted some of the interviews in a focus studio, our client had access to real-time observations. The results basically covered perceptions of the product’s benefits and barriers to using the product. On the basis of the research, we provided our client with a series of recommendations for product communication with the consumer.

Value for the client

As a result of our research and report, our client gained comprehensive, fact-based knowledge on the performance of each marketing concept in terms of memorability, uniqueness, impact on prescribing, and key message comprehension. Additionally, we made proposals on ways to improve the marketing concepts to make them more attractive and powerful with physicians. Moreover, adding some market insight based on our local expertise constituted additional value of the report.

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