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Consumer tests of biscuit taste and prices in Poland

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    FMCG Retail

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    6 weeks

Research Project - retail and FMCG

Client's need

Our client – a producer of biscuits and one of the leaders of the market – asked Research PMR to carry out consumer tests in Poland. He wished to discover how his products are received by Polish consumers, particularly in terms of taste, packaging and price. Research PMRers proposed to conduct Central Location Tests, that enables direct supervision of the interview and receiving answers from many respondents in a short time.

We designed the survey to have enable consumers to rate the biscuits according to product features, such as taste, appearance and smell. Consumers would also compare the taste of products from our client with those of the competition.

Our deliverables

A sample of 650 consumers formed the basis of the research, which took the form of Central Location Tests (CLT). The tests were set in three major cities in Poland: Krakow, Warsaw and Katowice. It was important for the success of our test that all the recruiting data will be kept when inviting consumers to participate. The criteria was prepared based on the findings of a representative Omnibus survey that had been conducted with a N = 600 sample of Polish consumers prior to the CLTs.

We presented the collected data to the client in the form of a report that contained, among other things, recommendations. Other recipients of the report included a broad group of decision-makers at the client’s headquarters.

Value for the client

The project augmented our client’s market knowledge with critical data concerning the preferences of Polish consumers who buy and eat biscuits. The client used the data to verify a portfolio of products that were on the verge of being introduced to the Polish market by adjusting them to consumer preferences in Poland. The research findings were enhanced with information about trends seen on the grocery market in Poland, the market of major retailers, and forecasts for this market. PMR’s researchers and consultants provided constant support by interpreting and discussing the study’s results.

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