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An FMCG segment as seen in the survey of end customers and distributors

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Research Project - retail and FMCG

Client's need

One of our customers from the cash & carry sector commissioned us to analyse the supply model of convenience stores.

Today’s modern convenience store (with a retail area of no more than 300 m2) has replaced the small general grocery store of yesteryear. These convenience stores stand in the middle by meeting consumers’ basic needs while at the same time providing cash & carry wholesalers with valuable clients. The consumer appreciates convenience stores because of convenient locations, access to fresh daily-use products and extended operating hours. Owners of hypermarket and supermarket chains find the convenience store format to be an attractive area of activity.

Our deliverables

As revealed by PMR’s extensive projects and surveys, the retail trade market within the borders of Poland is an industry of continued, dynamic change. Polish consumers were initially infatuated with hypermarkets and supermarkets. Contrary to expectations, however, these same consumers have now come to appreciate the role placed by local shops. The daily shopping behaviour of consumers has changed, and their shopping strategies are now based on product categories.

A key element of this research project was combining the perspectives of the consumer with that of the shopkeeper. We did this by conducting the survey in two separate groups: a B2C survey done with consumers and a B2B survey done with storeowners.
The B2C segment

  • analysed consumer behaviour in relation to the purchase of daily-use products
  • diagnosed the role played by private label goods.

The B2B interviews generated data on the following:
  • product category availability in small stores
  • supply model and channels of distribution
  • frequency and preferences in terms of supply channels and product categories.

Value for the client

PMR’s research led to findings that support business decision-making. PMR

  • identified the route to the market – that is, the path a product takes before the end customer takes delivery – thus allowing an expansion strategy to be adapted for a portfolio of goods and related services
  • diversified the supply model in terms of product category (various store owners shop within different categories), thus defining the offer
  • described complementary distribution channels, which result in part due to differences in product categories
  • described the importance the two respondent groups placed on time and price.
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