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Comparison of prices of various brands available in clothing and footwear stores

  • Industry

    Clothing and footwear distributor

  • Geographical coverage

    Poland, Russia

  • Client type


  • Delivery time

    4 weeks

Research Project - retail and FMCG

Client's need

Research PMR conducted a research project for a customer operating a chain of clothing and footwear stores which focused on comparing prices of individual types of items between various stores selling clothing and footwear, including brands directly competing against our client.

Based on store check, our client wanted to find answers to the following questions:

  • How wide is the product mix offered by competitive chains in individual product categories and how big are product type lists defined within individual product categories?
  • What is the price range within each product type?
  • How many product types does a given chain offer within a surveyed category, or how complete and comprehensive is the product assortment offered by a given chain?
  • What type of promotions are offered by individual chains with regard to each product category covered by the survey?

Our deliverables

The first wave of the survey covered only Poland, while the second was expanded to include the Russian market. The project was carried out using the mystery shopper approach and the observation method. As a result of the survey, our client was provided with a report presenting research conclusions and a useful database facilitating filtering of survey results so as to retrieve the required data and comparisons as and when needed. The collected data enabled the formulation of profiles of competitive brands containing minimum, maximum and average prices and the number of items in individual product categories. An additional challenge was that the project had to be completed on very short notice due to the forthcoming seasonal sale.

Value for the client

As part of our perspective for market trends and analyses of the positioning of store chains, we suggest an approach involving the monitoring of price range and level in individual store chains. By making a full description of the product mix in individual product categories covering the number of products in each category, product brand, price and the availability of promotions, we are provided with a basis for positioning both store chains as a whole and stores chains with respect to individual product categories. product_mix.gif competitors_strategy_map.gif

We performed analyses for each product type within a given category and for each chain of stores included in the survey. These analyses identified the range of prices (minimum/maximum prices), the average price, the number of products within the individual product types and the number of products within the individual price ranges.

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