Professional Market Research

HIV market monitoring in Russia

  • Industry

    HIV treatment

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    Pharmaceutical manufacturer

  • Delivery time

    6 weeks

Client's need

Our client was interested in monitoring the treatment schemes used by physicians on the Russian market. The client needed reliable information on the agents (or their combinations) prescribed and dynamics of switching between products among all Russian patients. Therefore the key priority was to provide a sample representative to the whole population.

Our deliverables

Research PMR has coordinated execution of this project in Russia. We have used a full list of HIV treatment centres in Russian and made numerous attempts to contact all of them in order to get the highest response rate possible. Additionally a limit of one physician per centre was set in order to avoid covering the same patients and ensure wide geographic coverage across the country. Although the questionnaire were completed online, telephone assistance was also offered to the physicians who experienced any problems. We have conducted 50 online interviews with HIV specialists in Russia during two waves of the study.

Value for the client

Research PMR has already carried out two waves of this project in Russia. Having gained our first experiences on this market, we have figured out optimal approach to effectively reach the sample and deliver best quality results in reasonable time. We have ensured smooth communication and timely reaction to any obstacles arising during the realization of the project.

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