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Barriers to activism in Poland - research for Amnesty International

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    4 weeks

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Client's need

Operating in the NGO sector, Amnesty International, as many other non-government organisations, encounters barriers of activism. The Polish branch of Amnesty International has a sizeable group of fans on Facebook, however, its sympathisers do not get sufficiently involved in the events organised by AI. In order to optimise its operations, the managers of Amnesty International requested Research PMR to explore this problem. The main aim of the project was to identify the conditions and barriers preventing young people from involvement in specific events and the factors influencing the financial support, or its lack, for organisations such as Amnesty International.

Our deliverables

Taking into account all available communication channels between the organisation and its sympathisers, we developed the concept of a multi-stage research project including an online survey addressed to groups of AI supporters and activists, appropriately and profiled based on their activism (involvement level).

Value for the client

We divided the research project for Amnesty International into smaller stages, each of them preparing the ground for the next one. Such project structure assumes that the learning organisation model is applied, in which obtaining knowledge about the environment in which the organisation functions is one of the prerequisites for its effective operation. The cooperation between Amnesty International and Research PMR covers regular provision of information together with recommendations on further research steps and on making use of the acquired knowledge.

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