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Marcin Rzepka, Head of Research PMR Services, to speak at conference “Tailor-made products”

Marcin Rzepka, Head of Research PMR Services, to speak at conference “Tailor-made products” Marcin Rzepka, Head of Research PMR Services, will give a presentation during the conference “Tailor-made products”. The conference will explore the issue of private label products and will be conducted in Polish. The conference takes place from 11-12 December in Warsaw, Poland.

The theme of the conference is contract manufacturers (CM) and the challenges they encounter in their daily operational activities:
  • quality assurance and meeting technological standards,
  • minimum delivery time,
  • maximum flexibility,
  • high customer expectations.
The experts gathered at this conference will explore answers to the following questions:
  • How to optimise cost structure while appealing to customers?
  • How to manage critical parts of the production phase?
  • What are the most common sins a customer commits that impede production planning?
Marcin Rzepka has given numerous presentations about private label goods on previous occasions. This particular presentation, entitled “Evolution and trends on private label market”, will cover:
  • What factors drive the formation of the private label market?
  • What is the forecast for coming years?
He will also focus on the characteristics of private label production:
  • private label: key sectors in contract manufacturing,
  • product segments in which private label does not work: factors that influence consumer decisions regarding the purchase of traditional branded products that have firm market position,
  • innovation vs. private label.
According to Marcin: whether or not private label has hit its stride on the shelves of Polish discounts, supermarkets and hypermarkets, this distinct market continues to evolve in order to meet client expectations. Thus, despite its relatively simple concept, private label retains the ability to surprise analysts.

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