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Marcin Rzepka, Head of Research PMR Services at “FMCG & Retail Logistics Forum”

Marcin Rzepka, Head of Research PMR Services at “FMCG & Retail Logistics Forum” Marcin Rzepka, Head of Research PMR Services, will be one of the speakers during “FMCG & Retail Logistics Forum”, taking place on 10-11 October in Prague, the Czech Republic.

Despite restraints of personal finances in many of Western European countries, strong demand for fast-moving consumer goods in Eastern Europe has been driving increased interest in and use of FMCG and retail logistics capacity.

The expectations of producers, wholesalers, and retailers for continued growth on emerging European markets mean that FMCG and retail logistics providers have continued to develop a variety of lean supply chain solutions across the region.

At the “FMCG & Retail Logistics Forum”, Marcin Rzepka is giving a presentation: Route to market. How to Reach HoReCa and convenience stores operators? Cash and Carry case in Poland. His paper, based on research projects conducted by PMR in and, covers the following topics:
  • Over 50% of all HoReCa and convenience store operators in Poland use Cash and Carry chains as their main supply channel, the main yet not the only one even for one product category.
  • There are two key decision factors: price and delivery. What is the key reason for paying for delivery services and what are clients’ expectations in this area?
  • Cash and Carry chain solutions regarding: logistics and supply, product category diversification and loyalty policies.
“Private labels are some of the most important elements of Cash and Carry sales strategy. In fact, it is the response to the financial crisis and an increasingly stronger position of private brands in retail” Marcin says. He also underlines that business clients’ needs should be analysed from two perspectives:
  • products, including product category diversification, prices, etc.
  • purchasing and delivery models.
The coming “FMCG & Retail Logistics Forum” is to gather together top-level FMCG and retail experts. With a high number of case studies, diversity of stakeholders represented and presentations by partners and competitors in the sector, this event is definitely worth attending. Back to List of News - Research PMR