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IT specialists needed on the Polish market

Over the next 12 months, 68% of IT companies is planning to hire new employees. As In the most sought-after employee in the industry will be a programmer. Such conclusions can be drawn from the report of research carried out at the end of on the companies from the IT sector by Research PMR on behalf of Adecco Poland.

- The aim of the study was to diagnose the IT sector needs in scope of human resource management and consulting, which shows the outlook for the development of the all IT sector in - underlines Anna Wicha, Country Manager of Adecco Poland - In view of the fact that we are trying to constantly adapt our offer to the changing needs of the market, we wanted to gain current information about the preferences of actual and potential clients. The results allowed us to determine for example which profiles of candidates will be the most desired by employers from this sector and what are their needs and barriers in employment and in the ongoing cooperation with companies such as Adecco.

Plans for the employment in the IT industry

Over the next 12 months, 68% of IT companies is planning to hire new employees. Still the most sought-after employee in the IT sector is a programmer - 46% of respondents identified this need. 14% of respondents declare willingness to seek salesman and 10% to seek implementation specialist.

The representatives of the companies was also asked about what kind of positions are particularly difficult to be filled. The most difficult is to find the right person on the programmer position (24% of responses). Next one is salesman (9% of responses). It is worth to note that although salesman position is not directly related to the substantive tasks in the IT sector, it may be one of the key positions in the company.

Outsourcing of human resources services

The analysis of using the consulting and personnel outsourcing services by companies in the IT sector shows, that over half of the surveyed IT companies (56%) declare that they have experience in cooperation with companies that offer HR services.

Among the companies that benefited from the HR services providers, the most popular service is the recruitment and selection of a permanent staff (79% of responses). Two also important HR services, from which benefit IT companies is a Direct & Executive Search (21%) and the recruitment of temporary staff (18%).

Among the companies that participated in the study 40% employ from 51 to 99 employees, 1/3 of them employ from 100 to 249 employees and 27% employ over 250 people.

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