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Consumer behaviour research regarding children's clothing and accessories shopping – exploratory brand image study

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    Clothing and footwear retailer

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    6 weeks

Research Project - retail and FMCG

Client's need

Our client, a retailer specialising in children's clothing and accessories, needed to verify whether their brand's perception in the market was adequate. First of all it had to be determined whether the brand offered appropriate value relative to the product prices charged in the company's stores. The next important task was to compare the brand's perception by the customers with its main rival brands and to define its competitive advantages and weaknesses. This information was necessary for drafting the company's marketing strategy for the following years. The study was the first step towards regular collection of marketing data.

Our deliverables

As the first stage we suggested performing exploratory qualitative research concentrating on the behaviour of little children's parents when shopping and on the perception and image of children's clothing brands. In the course of the project we conducted a number of focus group interviews and assisted shopping trips. Before commencing the study we also performed a small-scale quantitative survey in the stores.

Value for the client

The study was carried out according to a well-thought-out plan: the initial survey in the stores enabled us to find out whether they attracted the appropriate target group. Through the qualitative research we were able to demonstrate to the client what the strengths and weaknesses of their brand were – what attracted customers to the brand and what constituted a barrier to buying. Moreover, the assisted shopping trips offered the client an opportunity to learn what the advantages and shortcomings of their stores were as seen by customers. This information will enable the client to adapt product display, customer service and prices to the customers' expectations and the competitors' offer. The brand image will be subsequently verified through quantitative research.

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