Professional Market Research

Analysis of brand awareness and competitive environment in the sanitary installations sector in Russia and Poland

  • Industry

    Sanitary installations sector

  • Geographical coverage

    Poland, Russia

  • Client type

    Manufacturer of products for the building industry

Research Project - construction market

Client's need

PMR performed a study on specific construction materials and sanitation materials. The aim was to collect the opinions of professional construction companies operating in Poland and Russia on most commonly used products and installation materials.

Our deliverables

The survey was conducted using telephone interviews (CATI) on a sample of 300 construction companies. 150 interviews were conducted with Polish companies and the same number with Russian companies. Companies from three segments were surveyed: plumbing, earthworks and roofing.

Value for the client

The client received information on products most commonly used by specialists in Poland and in Russia, as well as information on their own brand awareness. The study not only presented what products and brands are familiar to Polish and Russian builders and plumbers, but also allowed us to define their selection criteria and indicate the places of purchase of specific products.
The results have allowed our client to determine their current market position and competitive environment, which facilitated the planning of further business activity and adjusting it to both markets.

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