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A survey on professional practices among Polish designers of reinforced concrete structures and the popularity of various reinforcing steel grades

  • Industry

    Reinforced steel

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    Industry organisation

  • Delivery time

    4 weeks

Research Project - construction market

Client's need

Our client, the Centre for Promotion of Steel Quality (Centrum Promocji Jakości Stali, CPJS), a provider of reinforcing steel certification, requested Research PMR to carry out a survey among Polish designers of reinforced steel structures. The client wanted to obtain information on the professional practices of Polish designers in relation to various reinforcing steel grades they choose.

The survey was designed to answer such research question as:

  • Which reinforcing steel grades are chosen by Polish designers most frequently and why?
  • From which sources do Polish designers most frequently gain knowledge of new developments on the construction materials market?
  • How often is grade B500SP steel, certified by CPJS with the EPSTAL quality mark, chosen by Polish designers for reinforcing concrete structures?
  • What are other professional practices among the designers of reinforced concrete structures?

Our deliverables

We conducted 200 telephone interviews with designers of reinforced concrete structures. They were carried out by interviewers experienced in B2B research. With our well-trained staff, carefully prepared questionnaire as well as our in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in studying the construction sector we achieved a high response rate of 47%.

The representativeness of the sample was assured through random selection and through adjusting the sample to the geographic population structure by means of appropriate weights. The sample selection and data weighting procedures applied made it possible to generalise the survey findings to the entire population of designers of reinforced concrete structures in Poland.

Value for the client

The survey performed by Research PMR provided the client with information on the professional practices applied by Polish designers of reinforced concrete structures, design bureau characteristics, the awareness level and image of the EPSTAL brand and of other reinforcing steel grades.

This knowledge will enable the client to prepare effective actions aimed at the propagation of new solutions and reinforcing steel grades in the target group. Thus the client will be able to encourage the use of high-quality products, promoted by CPJS on the Polish market.

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