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Smart shopping in Poland
Are Polish consumers rational? Are they smart shoppers? How has, or how is the global crisis affecting consumer behaviour? Is the deteriorating economy influencing shopping habits in the area of everyday products? We have searched for the answers to these and other questions about the shopping habits of Polish consumers.
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Media coverage of charities
PMR carried out a study to research recognisability of several leading charitable foundations and associations operating in Poland. Those which are run by people known through the media or which involve celebrities as their ambassadors have the best associations.
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Poles keep price foremost in choosing an everyday shopping destination
Polish consumers, regardless of their levels of disposable income, let price be their guide when deciding where to shop, according to a survey conducted by Research PMR. Nearly half of the survey’s respondents indicated that they regularly shop at Biedronka. Discounters remain the most popular shopping locations, followed by hypermarkets.
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Poles have little awareness of loyalty schemes offered by super- and hypermarkets, even if they use them
Poles struggle to spontaneously recall supermarket loyalty programmes they are familiar with, a study by Research PMR has found. The survey, which examines participation in supermarket/hypermarket loyalty schemes in Poland, shows that 13% of the respondents are able to name stores that offer such schemes but not the programmes themselves.
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