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Outlay for public relations activity planned by Polish companies
Most of the companies that participated in the survey – between 57% and 71% of the respondents, depending on the sector – plan to maintain their outlay on public relations in at the same level as In according to a recent study conducted jointly by PMR and ComPress.
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The car is the most popular means of commuting to work
Nearly one in two working Poles commutes to work from another location. A vast majority spend no more than one hour commuting one way, according to PMR. Market research study concerned respondents that were employed in the preceding week before the day of the survey, regardless of its form, including workers without a permanent contract.
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Article - Research PMR PMR: Nearly 70% of young people buy online
Online shopping is growing on popularity. In a survey conducted by PMR in April over 40% of respondents stated that they had shopped online over the last 6 months. Among people below 35 the proportion amounts to nearly 70%. Clothing, shoes, jewellery, books and cosmetics are among the products bought on a regular basis online.
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Article - Research PMR PMR: Polish consumers still enjoy pizza
Pizza is still a popular dish with Polish consumers. According to a PMR survey, around 62% of Poles eat pizza at least once a month. It is available from both pizzerias, of which in Poland there are 3,000, and local diners or restaurants, and is favoured by young consumers. The less demanding customers may also buy frozen pizzas, while the biggest fans prepare it at home from scratch.
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